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The Debian System -- Concepts and Techniques The Debian System -- Concepts and Techniques
Martin F. Krafft Open Source Press / No Starch Press ISBN 3-937514-07-4 / 1-593270-69-0
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Wrong port and confusing assumption (page 250)

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Reported on: 2006-01-09

In chapter 5. The Debian package management system on page 250:

In the subsection on apt-proxy of section 5.11.7, the sources.list file does not include apt-proxy's default port 9999. Instead, it should read:

~# cat <<EOF > /etc/apt/sources.list
http://arakis:9999/debian sarge main
http://arakis:9999/security sarge/updates main
http://arakis:9999/pdo/~madduck/packages/stage ./

In addition, the paragraph just before the snippet says that the machine running apt-proxy must be resolvable from the machine named arakis. Rather, the machine running apt-proxy must be resolvable as arakis from the machine hosting the sources.list file.

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